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Sharing the Road with Bikes: Staying Safe around Bicyclists

Spring is in the air and bikes are on the road. Due to warmer weather, bikes are set to hit the streets in record numbers, making it especially important to pay attention on the road. There are several advantages to riding a bike, from lowering emissions, saving gas, and getting in shape. Nonetheless, sharing the road with bikes can create added hazards.

sharing the road with bikes

According to The Washington Post, one of the most important things to remember is how vulnerable bikes are. The average bike weighs 20 pounds—cars, on the other hand, weigh an average of 4,000 pounds. One tap of your car could be fatal for a bicyclists. Always give added room when following or driving by bikes.

Have patience. In most states, bikes must ride on the road if the rider is over 10 years old. While some places provide bike lanes, you must always treat bikes like cars. They also must obey traffic laws. Although it might be difficult, imagine they are just another car on the road.

Look twice when turning right. Our brains often fail to register bikes when we are driving because they are not as large as cars. Look a second time when turning. Also, when turning from the road (as opposed to a stop sign or light), look out for riders that may continue straight.

Finally, consider biking yourself! Biking reduces stress, helps eliminate pollution, and can save you big on gas. Just remember to follow all traffic rules, and always wear protective gear.