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Finding Inspiration in Unorthodox Ways: Bunz the Nissan Rabbit

The new Nissan Altima was inspired — at least partly — by Bunz the Nissan rabbit.

You read that correctly. The Nissan design team has years of experience, some of the latest equipment on the market, and a staff of prodigies to help come up with styling and features to wow drivers. However, the team also has an adorable rabbit named Bunz that meanders around the office.

According to The News Wheel, the California branch of the Nissan design office frequently takes a break from the highly competitive world that is the auto industry to find comfort in their furry friend. Bunz, a four-year-old dwarf Lionhead rabbit, is primarily housed by team member Jacqueline Reeve, though the bunny is considered an essential member of the team by most of the crew.

“Designing cars is a serious and competitive business,” said Taro Ueda, vice president, Nissan Design America. “Designers thrive in unique, fast-paced and creatively demanding environments, but it’s important to have an open mind and outside inspiration, even if sparked by a bunny visiting the office.”

Frequently referred to as Nissan Design America’s “Ambassador of Hoppy-ness,” Bunz the Nissan rabbit looks like a ball of fuzz with a pink bow on top. While not a conventional asset among design teams, a rabbit like Bunz helps designers to clear their heads and step outside the box on occasion.

Bunz the Nissan Rabbit - 2018 Nissan Altima

Nissan Sees Sales Gain for January

Nissan Leaf - CAS
Photo Credit: TheNewsWheel.com

January is notorious for being the slowest sales month in the automotive industry. And this year, the extreme winter weather across the country took another bite from the already slow sales. However, despite these difficulties, Nissan still posted a sales gain for the month of January.

Nissan led the industry with an 11.8 percent gain in January sales—a sales record for the month. It had a total of 81,472 deliveries. These sales numbers are all compared to January 2013.

Leading Nissan’s sales was the popular zero-emissions LEAF, which had sales nearly double for the month. Another leader was the Nissan JUKE, which sports an edgy design. It set a January sales record with an increase of 45.8 percent. The Frontier pickup also was a major player with an 87.9 percent boost.

Another January sales record was set by the Rogue, which was up by 54.5 percent. And, the Nissan Altima midsize sedan saw a boost of 4.9 percent.

Imagine how well Nissan would have done if the weather hadn’t been so bad. Hopefully, we can get past this extreme winter weather soon and enjoy a wonderful spring.