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Two 2017 Nissan Models Debut Before LA Auto Show

Nissan is shaking things up this year before the Los Angeles Auto Show. Rather than waiting for the auto show, the Japanese carmaker has decided to take the cover off two 2017 Nissan models—the 2017 Nissan Versa Note and the 2017 JUKE Black Pearl Edition.

2017 Nissan Models 2017 Nissan Models

“The Nissan new product onslaught for the 2017 model year is so extensive, we’re bringing out the new Versa Note and JUKE Black Pearl early,” said Michael Bunce, vice president for Product Planning with Nissan North America. “The four latest additions to the lineup follow our ongoing ‘Year of the Truck’ campaign, which has seen the introduction of an all-new Armada, new Rogue, revised Pathfinder, and new Titan half-ton and Titan Single Cab.”

The 2017 Versa Note showcases a new design and a variety of interior changes that were driven by customer input. With these changes, Nissan is hoping the Versa Note will become even more popular this year.

The JUKE Black Pearl Edition is looking to appeal to those consumers that love aftermarket looks. Nissan has turned the JUKE SV into a limited-edition model that has exclusive white bumper accents and trim, along with a number of black-and-white accents in the cabin.

These models are the first of four new Nissan vehicles that will debut during the LA Auto Show. Along with the JUKE Black Pearl Edition and the 2017 Versa Note, the Japanese carmaker also unveiled a new NISMO product on November 15th and the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition model during a press conference on November 16th.

More than 30,000 Fans Attend Annual Nissan NISMO Festival

The annual Nissan NISMO Festival is one of the biggest automotive celebrations of the year. Motorsport enthusiasts around the world gather at Fuji Speedway in Oyama, Japan to get closer to the Nissan brand and celebrate its successes, both current and historic.

This year, more than 30,000 Nissan race fans attended. Events included a NISMO road car parade; a racecar safari that allowed fans to ride a bus on the track while racecars flew by; a GT-R prestige race; a historic car race featuring the iconic 310 Sunny, 510 Bluebird, and Skyline GT-R; a race between numerous famous heritage race cars like the R380, R390, and JGTC R32; and a spectacular Grand Prix race between the automaker’s Super GT, Super Taikyu Endurance, and Blancpain Endurance Series race cars.

If there ever was a place to be that day for motorsport fans, the NISMO Festival was it. If you’re far from Japan but would still like to get a taste of Nissan’s incredible vehicle technology, you can still stop by Cronic Nissan to check out the exceptional NISMO GT-R!

Why Is the Nissan GT-R Nismo Front-Wheel Drive?

Nismo Front-Wheel Drive

Nismo is Nissan’s well-known performance division that’s pumped out more horsepower and torque than we care to add up. Today every race car is driven by history to roll with a rear-wheel drive or have the engine in the middle, if not both. Nismo is defying both preferences, instead choosing to field a front-wheel drive, front engine GT-R Nismo at the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Race cars roll with mid-engine, rear-wheel drive designs to improve traction and packaging. The experts and engineers at Nismo are making the case that a front engine, front-wheel drive race car has more of an advantage.

With a long front end, a front engine powering the front wheels creates more surface area for downforce. More downforce results in faster corners. With the streamlined design, the GTR-LM Nismo is quick in a straight line as well.

Nismo has had success with the front-wheel drive, front engine design in the past. From 1998 to 2000, the Nissan Primera left the competition in its searing tracks. The same engineers who built that car also worked on the GT-R.

With the front wheel and front engine, the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo rocks away with 450 hp. With Nissan and Nismo’s past success with the front design, all bets are off on what race car will take home a gigantic win.

We at Cronic Nissan aren’t about to criticize the experts over at Nismo and we’re rooting for the #23 GT-R LM Nismo front-wheel drive race car at the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans!

More Than 35,000 Nissan Fans Attend Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway

Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway

The 17th annual Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway was a resounding success, with more than 35,000 Nissan fans showing up to enjoy the event.

This year, the festival focused on the 30th anniversary of Nismo. More than 100 owners of Nismo grade cars, including the Juke and GT-R, performed a parade lap around the iconic speedway. This was followed by a historic car demo run, several exhibition races, a synchronization performance show, and various promotional events.

The biggest event of the day was the “Road to Le Mans” ceremony, which commemorated Nissan’s return to the legendary competition with a look back at the automaker’s history in Le Mans. Classic Nissan racers performed a parade run around the course, after which a genuine battle took place between GT500, GT3, and ST3-class racers.

The day closed with the Nismo 30th Memorial Ceremony & Finale, which involved an announcement from NISMO CEO Shoichi Miyatani, who thanked the fans for their support in another successful Nissan year and looked forward for more to come.

If you couldn’t make it to the Nismo Festival, come show your support at Cronic Nissan!

New and Improved, the 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo Returns

2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo

Godzilla is back and ready for more.

We mentioned a while back that the Nissan GT-R was making a big name for itself in the world of drag racing and now, Nissan is back with a new edition of this zippy, little kaiju.

Meet the 2015 GT-R Nismo, Nissan’s newest effort to continue improving upon the already impressive GT-R. This new GT-R is keeping the same engine, but the specs on the engine have been ramped up to get it to produce 600 horsepower and 481 lb-ft of torque.

These cars are each hand-assembled and tagged with the name of their engineer, which reads almost like a “MOM” tattoo. Care is put into every single GT-R, with Nissan providing maintained quality and a personal touch to each of its units.

How’s its new acceleration? Well, it can pass its 0-60 mph test in 2.9 seconds, which is nothing to sneeze at – and neither is the 22 second finish time for a single lap of a track.

But will the new 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo maintain the pride of its predecessors? Cronic Nissan will let you know once it officially hits the track!

Redesigned 2015 Nissan 370Z Offers Next-Level Performance

2015 Nissan 370Z

In an official press release promoting the 2015 Nissan 370Z, Nissan calls the NISMO vehicle line the “heart and soul of Nissan performance for both the track and on the street,” but the redesigned 370Z takes it all to a new, higher level. Thanks to an all-new exterior design, awesome new powertrain options, and even more technological options, the 370Z is the ultimate culmination of over 30 years of Nissan Z innovation and performance.

The 370Z NISMO runs on a 3.7L DOHC engine with Variable Valve Event and Lift Control. That engine jets out 350 horsepower and 276 lb-ft. of torque, making it a much more powerful version of the 370Z. You can also opt for the Tech Package, which adds a Nissan Navigation System and a seven-speed automatic transmission to the picture.

Plus, it’s a great-looking new sports car too. The exterior features “A fully integrated chin spoiler enhances the sense of dynamic movement, while enhancing airflow and downforce for exceptional aerodynamic performance. The front also features the addition of a NISMO emblem and signature NISMO red stripe accents that continue from the spoiler down the special side sill protectors.” If all this makes the new NISMO sound like the greatest Nissan ever, that’s because it is. Come see us here at Cronic Nissan today to check out the NISMO lineup for yourself.

Nissan’s Team Joins Enthusiasts for NISMO Fiesta

NISMO FiestaThe NISMO Fiesta is the party of the year for Nissan owners and enthusiasts. The annual festival gathers Nissan fans from all around the country united by their common passion. This year, eight of Nissan’s own journeyed from the headquarters in Nashville to San Marcos, Texas to participate.

After 920 miles, two days, and one pit stop at a Louisiana dealership, the gang arrived in San Marcos in time for the first day of the weekend’s festivities.

“We are car enthusiasts ourselves – so much so that we wanted to drive 1,000 miles in the cars that we promote,” said Max Moosman, one of the road-trippers and a member of Nissan’s Social Media team.

On Saturday, NISMO Fiesta attendees enjoyed a day at the track, testing the limits of their vehicles. Sunday featured a car show and the display of Nissan’s new 2015 GT-R NISMO.

“We come every year,” said one attendee from Houston. “This is one of the biggest shows for us down here in the south. We always make it a point to get down here.”

It sounds like Nissan’s team had a great time. We at Cronic Nissan may have to make the trip for next year’s event.

Nissan Celebrates NISMO Lineup with Facebook Mashup Fun

Nissan NISMO Mashup
Nissan NISMO Mashup

The Nissan NISMO lineup is pretty cool. From fine-tuning sports cars like the 370Z and GT-R to revolutionizing more “normal” vehicles like the Juke and Sentra, each NISMO vehicle brings something special to the table. But what if the fun didn’t stop there? Now, with Nissan’s new NISMO Facebook Mashup challenge, it doesn’t have to!

For a limited time, Nissan is running a special, entertaining marketing campaign on their “Mashup 1” Facebook page. The campaign asks for you to comment with your favorite mashup between a NISMO and another Nissan vehicle—then you just have to sit back and wait for Nissan’s artists to bring your creation to life.

Whether you want to see the Cube with a GT-R flair or the Titan crossed with the chic of the 370Z, hurry over to the “Mashup 1” page to submit your comment today. Then come talk to us about your dream Nissan vehicle over at Cronic Nissan. Maybe we’ll even find you that special car hiding out somewhere in our inventory.