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Forget Black Friday: Watch the Nissan 370Z Drifting in an Abandoned Mall

Malls are typically associated with shopping and, on Black Friday, big savings. Nissan decided to switch things up by inviting pro drifters Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck to associate malls with burning rubber and smoke instead.

To do this, they sent the two professional drivers to the Hawthorne Plaza Shopping Center, which has been abandoned since 1999. We use the term “abandoned” loosely. You might recognize the shopping center for having appeared in several movies, including the popular hit The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Nissan gave Forsberg and Tuerck a pair of Nissan 370Zs and let them do what they do best, for our entertainment. Unlike the 370Z at Cronic Nissan, these were tuned to pack some thousand horsepower under the hood. You can take a look at the result for yourself below.

A Nissan 370Z drifting party sure beats videos of people beating each other up for the last item on a Black Friday sale, don’t you think?