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What Is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

Safety has come a long way in the past decade, and Nissan is ready to make the next major leap in innovation. Nissan ProPILOT Assist aims to provide drivers with a more intelligent way to operate their vehicle; but, that’s not all Nissan has in store. Here’s a quick breakdown of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Designed to make driving both safer and less stressful, Nissan ProPILOTAssist is essentially a semi-autonomous system. When engaged, a series of sensors keep up with the flow of traffic on the highway. It can also handle stop-and-go traffic, effectively taking the stress out of traffic jams.

An all-in-one system, Nissan ProPILOT Assist is more than just self-driving technology. Cameras can keep track of lane markers and alert drivers if the vehicle is heading out of its lane. This awareness can give drivers enough time to take corrective action before things get dangerous.

In addition to a full suite of safety features, the Nissan LEAF features numerous Intelligent Mobility features. The latest model features instant torque and no emissions, making it both peppy and eco-friendly. The single e-pedal enables drivers to start and stop in a single action. Pressing down causes the car to accelerate while letting up on the pedal acts as the brake.

When it comes to mobility, there are few competitors that can keep pace with Nissan! See Nissan Intelligent Mobility in action when you pay a visit to Cronic Nissan.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan Named the Energy Star Partner of the Year

Nissan was recently named the Energy Star Partner of the Year, making this the sixth year in a row the brand has earned this award. Energy Star recognizes brands that protect the environment by making their operations as efficient as possible. This includes simple steps as well as major changes to the company’s structure.

According to Nissan, some of the efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses include switching to LED lighting in buildings, enhancing compressed air leak production programs, and using a more efficient painting process. In fact, the new paint system reduces energy use by a whopping 30%. Nissan has received Energy Star Certification for 11 years in a row, performing so well in the past six years it won awards.

“Nissan remains committed to reducing our carbon footprint as we manufacture some of the highest quality vehicles sold in North America,” said Rebecca Vest, VP of Corporate Development and Social Responsibility. “We are honored to be recognized once again with the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award.”

Here at Cronic Nissan, we’re proud to be a part of a company that truly cares about the environment. In addition to company operations, Nissan also offers a range of efficient vehicles, especially the Nissan LEAF. Stop by today to test drive one of the many eco-friendly vehicles offered by Nissan.

Energy Star Partner of the Year - Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” Program

no charge to charge

Two years ago, Nissan launched a “No Charge to Charge” program that changed the way we drive electric cars. And now, their program is expanding!

Nissan started their “No Charge to Charge” program in just 10 markets in July 2014. This program gave great benefits to Nissan LEAF owners. It set up complimentary public charging stations and gave LEAF owners free use of these stations for two years from their purchase date.

After the popularity and success of the program, Nissan has decided to expand on the program. Recently added are 28 new charging stations in the top markets for Nissan LEAF. And Nissan is all about rewarded LEAF drivers and giving them additional confidence.

“We know that public charging is a key element in providing additional range confidence for electric vehicle drivers, and free public charging is a great way to make Nissan LEAF an unrivaled value for the average American driver,” said Brian Maragno, director of Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing.

Near Cronic Nissan, you can find a charging station in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. You can download a map here so you can find charging stations along your road trips, too!

Nissan LEAF Become First All-Electric Vehicle in Mexico  


Nissan Leaf - CAS
Photo Credit: TheNewsWheel.com

Nissan has always been known for being the first to try new things—that’s why it comes as no surprise that the Japanese carmaker was the first company to introduce an all-electric vehicle to the car market in Mexico.


“Nissan LEAF is a reality in the Mexican market,” said Airton Cousseau, CEO of Nissan Mexicana. “We are proud to be the pioneer company to introduce the first zero-emissions vehicle leader in sales worldwide in Mexico. This release represents an honor for us and recognizes a milestone in the history of innovation in Nissan, a cornerstone of our business strategy.


The Nissan LEAF sold in Mexico will be built specifically for that market with Around View Monitor, which allows for a panoramic view around the car, “B Mode driving,” that begins power renewal almost immediately after the throttle is removed, a fast-charging port that charges 80% of the battery in 30 minutes, and many other features. Nissan and the Government of the State of Morelos have also created the first electric corridor in Latin America, located between Mexico City and Cuernavaca, in preparation for the release.


Presale for the Mexican Nissan LEAF started on June 4 and will arrive officially on June 30. To see the Nissan LEAF and other eco-friendly Nissan options for yourself, make sure you stop by Cronic Nissan today!

Nissan LEAF Leads Europe in EV Sales



Nissan LEAF - 2014
Nissan LEAF – 2014

The 100 percent electric Nissan LEAF has delivered not only its best sales year ever in Europe but also the best sales year for any fully electric vehicle, with a huge sales increase of 204% compared to 2012—for a total of 11,120 units sold.

With these incredible results, commanding a full 1/3rd, Nissan LEAF Leads Europe in the EV passenger car market, once more solidifying its position as the world’s best-selling 100 percent electric vehicle.

Its biggest success was in Norway, where the advanced EV infrastructure and government incentives go a long way toward motivating customers to make the switch to electric. In 2013, the Nissan LEAF was also the EV market leader in Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and—for the first time—France.

“97 percent of owners would recommend a Nissan LEAF to a friend,” said Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles, Nissan Europe. “And we believe this, combined with a rapidly expanding charging infrastructure, will bring further growth in 2014. We are moving from the early adopters to the early majority.”

But there’s no reason the Europeans should have all the fun. Come get your own American-built Nissan LEAF at Cronic Nissan!

More than 100,000 Nissan LEAFs Sold Worldwide

100,000 Nissan Leafs
100,000 Nissan Leafs

Nissan is proud to have the most popular electric vehicle (EV) on the roads today—not just here in the United State, where the LEAF sold over 22,000 units last year, but across the entire world—and they have the statistics to back the claim up. As of now, the Nissan LEAF has sold more than 100,000 units across the world.

Nissan tracked down the owners of both the 99,999 and 100,000 Nissan LEAFs, and both of them had glowing reviews for their new EV. The owner of the 100,000 LEAF, Dr. Brett Garner, a dentist residing in the UK, had this to say: “The Nissan LEAF is perfect for everyday commuting, and there is no problem with charging it. It is ideal for the family as it is quiet and not tiring even on longer journeys, because there is no vibration. Above all, it is a fun to drive car!”

Don’t just take Garner’s word for it, though. Come by Cronic Nissan and check out why the LEAF has so quickly become the best and most popular electric vehicle worldwide.