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Nissan Introduces e-NV200 Fully Electric Cargo Van

Nissan e-NV200 Cargo VanEveryone has heard about the incredible Nissan LEAF fully electric passenger vehicle. The incredibly efficient, zero-emissions hatchback has changed the way drivers think about electric-powered cars and has opened the doors for other mass-produced alternative fuel vehicles. Well now, the EV segment is about to get another addition. Produced in Barcelona and set for export globally, the new Nissan e-NV200 modifies the existing NV200 cargo van with an all-electric drivetrain.

This 100% electric light- to mid-duty cargo van has been designed for maximum efficiency and interior space. With the addition of this new zero-emissions setup, the e-NV200 will be perfect for commercial deliveries within city limits or even for taxi-vehicles. In the stop and go traffic of heavily congested cities, EVs have the distinct advantage of using no fuel when stopped. During the time that would be spend idling and wasting fuel , electric vehicles just shut off their main power and rely on the smaller battery to power the accessories (radio, headlights, wipers, etc…)

“This is a great landmark day for Nissan, starting production of our second electric vehicle.  This is at a time when EVs are now recognized as mainstream technology. Many competitors are only just starting to launch their first EV – where Nissan has clear first mover advantage. We’re proud that the Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle with more than 110,000 delighted customers enjoying the quiet and smooth ride of an EV.” Said Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer at Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

For more information about the e-NV200 or the currently available Nissan LEAF, visit us today at Cronic Nissan in Griffin, GA.

e-NV200 in Tokyo

Nissan Shows Off e-NV200 in Tokyo

e-NV200 in Tokyo
e-NV200 in Tokyo

The e-NV200, Nissan’s 100% all-electric commercial van, is currently on display in Tokyo at the Tokyo Motor Show, which runs through December 1. The Nissan e-NV200 will hit the European markets sometime in 2014 and land in Nissan’s home country of Japan in 2015, making it Nissan’s second all-electric vehicle on the market after the Nissan LEAF. Don’t expect to see the e-NV200 around here at Cronic Nissan anytime; while Nissan wants the commercial van to be eventually sold worldwide, there is no release date set for North America yet.

Nissan is getting a head start on integrating the e-NV200 into daily life, business, and community service in Yokohama, Nissan’s home town, too. The manufacturer is in the process of brokering an agreement with the Yokohama government making the e- NV200 the official public service vehicle for the city. They have also set up the “Yokohama Mobility Project Zero,” an initiative designed to inspire an entire city to a low carbon footprint.

The e-NV200 will be produced by a Nissan manufacturing plant in Barcelona, Spain, next year before it goes on sale in Europe. The all-electric van will become the commercial vehicle with the lowest operating costs across the whole commercial segment.