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Distracted Driving Awareness Month

distracted driving awareness

In today’s busy, connected world, it can be hard to only focus on one thing at a time. But, there is surely no place more important to do this than in your car. Distracted driving is a major problem for drivers here in the United States and to help alleviate it, April has been declared as national Distracted Driving Awareness month.

According to The News Wheel, in 2012, 3,328 drivers were killed in the United States in accidents involving distracted drivers. And, an additional 421,000 people were injured. What makes these numbers even scarier is that at any moment in the U.S., 660,000 drivers are using their phone or other electronic device while driving.

Our smart phones are undoubtedly the biggest culprit when it comes to distracted driving, but other activities can be just as harmful, such as eating while driving, grooming, adjusting your radio, and even talking to other passengers.

While some of these activities may be unavoidable—sometimes, you just have to talk to your kids in the backseat—you should make every attempt to only focus on the road when behind the wheel. One simple way to reduce your distractions is to put your phone away so you can’t see it, like in the glove box or in a storage bin. You can also encourage your passengers to help you keep distractions to a minimum.

Do you need to reduce your distractions while driving? Share the steps you’ll be taking with us in the comments below.