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2014 Nissan Rogue Leaps into Action in New Marketing Campaign

2014 Nissan Rogue - Pick Up and Commute
2014 Nissan Rogue – Pick Up and Commute

Nissan created an all-new redesigned version of the 2014 Nissan Rogue. This month, the automaker began marketing the new SUV, via a couple of astounding television commercials that showcase the car’s improved “energy and boldness.” The two spots—Pick Up and Commute—were directed by F. Gary Gray, a feature film director famous for action flicks like The Italian Job. Now, he’s brought his signature mix of exuberance action and sexy style to bear for the Nissan Rogue.

Both commercials also feature the music of M.I.A., specifically the track “Y.A.L.A” from her new album Matanji. “Through using a great feature film director and a brand-new exciting track hot off M.I.A’s album, we start to tell the exciting story around the Rogue and its bold yet versatile driving experience,” said Rob Schwartz, global creative president, TBWA\Worldwide, New York. So far, that story includes a fast-paced zip around an urban area in Pick Up and a high-flying action sequence—including the sight of the Rogue leaping onto the top of a moving train—in Commute.

The implication is obvious: there’s really nothing that the 2014 Nissan Rogue is incapable of. Come in to Cronic Nissan today and experience the thrill of driving the new Rogue—a thrill captured so elegantly and excitingly in Gray’s new commercials.