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Former NASA Scientist Maarten Sierhuis Helps Develop Nissan Autonomous Vehicles

For years, former NASA scientist Maarten Sierhuis worked on technology that would help the human race reach out to the stars. However, for his next project, Sierhuis is focusing on technology that is a little more grounded. According to a press release from Nissan, Former NASA scientist Maarten Sierhuis will help develop Nissan autonomous vehicles.

During his time at NASA, Sierhuis worked to develop a series of robotics-based intelligence systems to help aid the organization with their pursuit of space exploration.

Maarten Sierhuis will now take the knowledge and expertise that he used at NASA to help Nissan with a goal that they are currently trying to pursue: autonomous vehicle technology. Autonomous driving systems allow for vehicle to drive themselves without the direct aid of the driver. Even when the driver is in control of the vehicle, autonomous driving would serve as a monitoring system to help optimize vehicle safety.

Maarten Sierhuis is currently working on a project at the Nissan Research Center that uses autonomous vehicle technology to help navigate during travel on the highway.

“Bringing this new technology to society, it will change so many things,” says Sierhuis. “And call me crazy, but for me part of my drive of wanting to be thinking about these kinds of problems is that I want it to be done right.”

For Maarten Sierhuis, space was not the final frontier. Rather, his exciting journey continues with Nissan and their autonomous vehicle project!

Maarten Sierhuis

4 Varieties of Lemonade

This summer has already been pretty hot and humid, and it’s only going to get hotter! With the dog days of summer headed our way in August, we could really use a nice, refreshing drink. No drink is better during the summer than lemonade! Try mixing up your summer drink flavors with these 4 varieties of lemonade.

Varieties of Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

Perhaps the most famous spin on lemonade is the Strawberry lemonade. Often referred to as pink lemonade, this variety is often more popular than even the classic lemonade.

Raspberry Lemonade

For another type of berry added to your summer drink, try and sample raspberry lemonade. However, unlike the sweet strawberry lemonade, this flavor pairs the sour lemon flavor with the tart flavor of raspberries.

Peach Lemonade

For a splash of the South added in your glass of lemonade, try a Peach Lemonade. It’s a sweet way to try and beat the heat outside.

Lemonade Ice Tea

Ice tea may be the only other drink that is as iconic during the summer as lemonade is. So it only makes sense to combine the two drinks for a refreshing beverage.

When it comes to lemonade, it’s OK to drink and drive, just don’t spill!