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Intelligent Parking Assist Creates Self-Driving Office Chairs

Nissan is taking self-diving technology indoors. Not only is Nissan testing vehicles on the road, but they have been finding new ways to use driverless technology.

Nissan has created a robotic “self-driving” office chair.

The chairs come from the Japanese chair company Okamura but are powered by Nissan. Upon detecting a clap, the chair parks itself. A roomful of office chairs will go back to their designated locations with just one clap.

This system is operated by many cameras. Wi-Fi allows the bird’s-eye office camera system to be connected with the chairs. There are then four other cameras which keep track of the chair’s position and guide it back into place.

Nissan’s “Intelligent Parking Assist” technology is brilliantly demonstrated through these concept office chairs. This is the same system that allows a vehicle to be parked hands-free. The camera system steers the car and the driver only has to apply the brake and gas.

Camera technology is paving the way for self-driving vehicles. Nissan plans to develop more autonomous features and add the technology to at least ten vehicle models over the next four years. The year 2020 is the deadline for the ultimate goal: to have a fully self-driving vehicle.

These self-driving office chairs are mind-blowing and brilliant, but are unfortunately not available for purchase. You’ll have to self for the Park-Assist technology available in new Nissan cars. Not a bad consolation prize.

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Atlanta

At Cronic Nissan, we love holidays, and one of our favorite holidays is fast approaching – St. Patrick’s Day. Many people wish they could be in Ireland on this fantastic holiday, but we know that the best place to be is Atlanta, Georgia.

St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Atlanta

St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta has many different features. There are celebrations, marathons, parades, and many more fun activities.

If you are looking to do something for charity, be sure to check out St. Baldrick’s Head Shaving Event. This is an annual event where volunteers shave their heads to raise money and awareness to fight children’s cancer.

Of course, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Atlanta is one of the South’s biggest and oldest celebrations. This is a family-friendly parade featuring musicians, bloats, balloons, Irish dancers, Clydesdales, and the world’s largest Irish walking flag. The parade begins on the intersection of 15th and Peachtree streets.

Before the parade, there is a St. Patrick’s 5K Run/Walk. This run/walk follows the roads of Midtown, Piedmont Park, and finished on the historic Peachtree Street along the parade route.

Since 1979, Johnny’s Hideaway in Buckhead has been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with complimentary corned beef and cabbage. This is a great time to work on your Irish jig in celebration!

Be sure to check out this website for all the entertainment options available. St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Atlanta, Georgia have something for everyone.