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Tricks for Safely Transporting Holiday Food

transporting holiday food

Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to drive to Thanksgiving dinner at a relative’s place with all those hot foods in the backseat? We’ve come up with some tricks for safely transporting holiday food to make your drive as easy and stress-free as possible.

Different dishes require different methods. A great way to transport casseroles, if you have the room in your car, is to put them inside a short, wide laundry basket on top of some towels to keep it from sliding around. While you’re at it, invest in a travel casserole dish.

Heavy things like dishes filled with food and especially slow cookers need to be strapped down in the car or in your cargo area, since in the event of a crash they can do serious damage to you and your passengers.

Pies are a popular holiday dish, and they’re easily transported when you flip a metal pie tin over and use it as a lid for your pie. And if you can put things in aluminum or wrap them in plastic wrap, do it! Reduce your risk of projectiles in the event of a crash.

Nissan Executives Recognized in List of Leading Auto Industry Women

In a list of Leading Auto Industry Women released in Automotive News magazine in early November, three Nissan executives were recognized for their achievements in the auto industry. Rebecca Barker Vest, Diane Allen, and Sonia Rief were honored at the gala celebration held for the publication of the magazine, which was held at the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center in Detroit.

The list is released once every five years and has existed since the year 2000. Nissan executives express delight at the inclusion of its exceptional employees and at the notion that more and more women are entering STEM careers and earning upper-level positions than ever before.

Rebecca Barker Vest is the vice president of Purchasing for Nissan North America, a position which holds a great number of responsibilities including overseeing all of Nissan’s North American purchases. Diane Allen, gracing the Leading Women list for a fourth time this year, is a senior design manager at Nissan Design America. Sonia Rief is the director of Vehicle Program Management and a chief engineer for the company.

Congratulations to the amazing women who made the list!