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The Glow in the Dark Nissan Leaf: You Can’t Miss it.

Remember Nissan’s self-cleaning paint? Now the automaker has come up with another type of paint that’s sure to turn heads: glow in the dark paint. Nissan is one of the first automakers to come up with a glow in the dark paint formula, and has put it to the test on a Nissan Leaf.

The glow in the dark Nissan Leaf was debuted in the United Kingdom, and unlike the smooth self-cleaning finish on the automaker’s last paint experiment, the glow in the dark paint offers a rough, sandpaper-like finish.

The paint was developed in collaboration with investor Hamish Scott, creator of Starpath. Starpath is a spray that can be applied to walking paths. It absorbs sunlight during the day, and glows in the dark, lighting up the path for hours. Other aftermarket companies have showed off similar glowing paint technology, but according to USA Today, Nissan’s glow in the dark paint boasts some unique attributes.

For one, the paint soaks up the sun’s rays all day, and then can glow for eight to ten hours once it gets dark. Additionally, Nissan says that the paint will last on a car for 25 years.

There are currently no plans for production, but here at Cronic Nissan, we have to admit, the glow in the dark paint is way-cool. Not only is the paint eye-catching, but it’s sure to keep your vehicle top-of-mind with other drivers. No way is anyone backing into a glow in the dark car.

Self-washing technology comes to Nissan Leaf

Washing the Nissan Leaf

Washing your car can be one of the most tedious tasks, especially when you know as soon as it rains, all the effort feels like a waste. But here’s the thing…a self-washing car isn’t just something people fantasize about as they watch the Jetsons or Back to the Future. It exists. It was bound to happen, and now Nissan’s Leaf has self-washing technology.

The car has Ultra-Ever Dry coating, which is self-washing car paint. It’s a Teflon-like coating that is slick so it repels dirt, mud, grime…anything that would normally make your car dirty is now repelled off of the paint. It’s similar to the idea of NeverWet, which prevents coated items from getting wet or stained.

The Nissan North America vice president, Pierre Loing, even stated, “This is one Leaf that never has to stop at gas stations – not even for a car wash.” Although the paint isn’t available yet since it is still in its testing phase, it may become an aftermarket option so drivers can have it applied to their vehicles once it is available.

Maybe you find washing your car as a relaxing hobby, but personally, I’m hoping this becomes standard on all vehicles. Stop into your local Nissan dealer to get details on the Leaf and all of its “clean” features.