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New Nissan-Disney Partnership for A Wrinkle in Time Movie

Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time is a classic in children’s literature, and for many readers it’s the first time they’re exposed to sci-fi/fantasy books. Impressed by the success of Disney’s Rogue One, Nissan agreed to work with Lucasfilm and Disney on a new adaption of A Wrinkle in Time featuring Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon. At Cronic Nissan, we couldn’t be more excited for the Nissan-Disney partnership.

According to The News Wheel, the world premiere of A Wrinkle in Time will be powered by the 2018 Nissan LEAF, and this intelligent electric vehicle will be featured on the red carpet as well.

A Wrinkle in Time is a thrilling story written in 1962, and it features supernatural beings that travel through time using “tesseracts,” or what we might now call wormholes, to meet a thirteen-year-old girl. There’s space and time travel, alien worlds, and evil brain monsters. This space-age film pairs well with the futuristic LEAF, one reason Nissan was eager to work with Disney.

Nissan commented on the new partnership, stating, “As a propeller of change, the All-New Nissan LEAF® is inspiring innovation by bringing you the technology of tomorrow, today. In celebration of Black History Month, and in honor of the upcoming release of Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time, Nissan and Walt Disney Studios are inspiring creatives, visionaries and dreamers with our Tomorrow to Today class. Together, we want to empower ingenuity and encourage innovation to help you move forward in your career. Whatever your passion is, we’ll help you get there.”

The latest LEAF comes with intelligent features like ProPILOT Assist to improve safety and to make driving easier, as this system lets you set a following distance and monitors traffic. There’s also a new e-Pedal that rethinks your experience behind the wheel.

To see the innovative LEAF in action, stop by Cronic Nissan for a test drive.

Nissan-Disney partnership, featuring 2018 Nissan LEAF


What Is Nissan Intelligent Mobility?

Safety has come a long way in the past decade, and Nissan is ready to make the next major leap in innovation. Nissan ProPILOT Assist aims to provide drivers with a more intelligent way to operate their vehicle; but, that’s not all Nissan has in store. Here’s a quick breakdown of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Designed to make driving both safer and less stressful, Nissan ProPILOTAssist is essentially a semi-autonomous system. When engaged, a series of sensors keep up with the flow of traffic on the highway. It can also handle stop-and-go traffic, effectively taking the stress out of traffic jams.

An all-in-one system, Nissan ProPILOT Assist is more than just self-driving technology. Cameras can keep track of lane markers and alert drivers if the vehicle is heading out of its lane. This awareness can give drivers enough time to take corrective action before things get dangerous.

In addition to a full suite of safety features, the Nissan LEAF features numerous Intelligent Mobility features. The latest model features instant torque and no emissions, making it both peppy and eco-friendly. The single e-pedal enables drivers to start and stop in a single action. Pressing down causes the car to accelerate while letting up on the pedal acts as the brake.

When it comes to mobility, there are few competitors that can keep pace with Nissan! See Nissan Intelligent Mobility in action when you pay a visit to Cronic Nissan.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Nissan Named the Energy Star Partner of the Year

Nissan was recently named the Energy Star Partner of the Year, making this the sixth year in a row the brand has earned this award. Energy Star recognizes brands that protect the environment by making their operations as efficient as possible. This includes simple steps as well as major changes to the company’s structure.

According to Nissan, some of the efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses include switching to LED lighting in buildings, enhancing compressed air leak production programs, and using a more efficient painting process. In fact, the new paint system reduces energy use by a whopping 30%. Nissan has received Energy Star Certification for 11 years in a row, performing so well in the past six years it won awards.

“Nissan remains committed to reducing our carbon footprint as we manufacture some of the highest quality vehicles sold in North America,” said Rebecca Vest, VP of Corporate Development and Social Responsibility. “We are honored to be recognized once again with the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award.”

Here at Cronic Nissan, we’re proud to be a part of a company that truly cares about the environment. In addition to company operations, Nissan also offers a range of efficient vehicles, especially the Nissan LEAF. Stop by today to test drive one of the many eco-friendly vehicles offered by Nissan.

Energy Star Partner of the Year - Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s “No Charge to Charge” Program

no charge to charge

Two years ago, Nissan launched a “No Charge to Charge” program that changed the way we drive electric cars. And now, their program is expanding!

Nissan started their “No Charge to Charge” program in just 10 markets in July 2014. This program gave great benefits to Nissan LEAF owners. It set up complimentary public charging stations and gave LEAF owners free use of these stations for two years from their purchase date.

After the popularity and success of the program, Nissan has decided to expand on the program. Recently added are 28 new charging stations in the top markets for Nissan LEAF. And Nissan is all about rewarded LEAF drivers and giving them additional confidence.

“We know that public charging is a key element in providing additional range confidence for electric vehicle drivers, and free public charging is a great way to make Nissan LEAF an unrivaled value for the average American driver,” said Brian Maragno, director of Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing.

Near Cronic Nissan, you can find a charging station in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. You can download a map here so you can find charging stations along your road trips, too!

2016 Nissan Leaf’s Electric Range Goes Big

2016 Nissan Leaf’s Electric Range

Nissan hopes to up the ante with its 2016 Nissan Leaf. Enhanced styling, improved technology, and a new, longer-lasting battery will make the next Leaf more desirable and practical than ever.

According to Automotive News, the new 2016 Nissan Leaf will boast an incredible 107-mile all-electric driving range, thanks to the introduction of a powerful 30 kWh battery. The 2016 Nissan Leaf’s electric range is now both best in class and 27% further than the outgoing model.

Car shoppers hoping to go more than 100 miles on a single charge will need to opt for the SV or SL trim level, as the base S will still be powered by the 24 kWh battery found in 2015 models. The SV and SL models are priced at $26,700 and $29,290 (after the tax credit) respectively.

Another exciting feature for the 2016 model year is the available NissanConnect EV, which offers a remote connection, monitors battery charge, and turns on the air conditioning or heating before you enter the vehicle.

Stop by Cronic Nissan today to learn more!

Nissan & Georgia Power Partnership: Atlanta to get New Nissan LEAF Charging Stations

Nissan LEAF Charging Stations

Atlanta is ranked the top market for the new all-electric LEAF, and to encourage an even larger growth in eco-friendly technology, Nissan has begun working with Georgia Power. Nissan has proposed making more EV charging available at workplaces in the region so people have no problem keeping their LEAFs charged.

According to Nissan, the new partnership offers local employers a $1000 rebate for every 240-volt charger installed. The Nissan LEAF charging station rebates are covered half by Nissan and half by Georgia Power.

“While most EV drivers plug in at home overnight, workplace charging enhances the LEAF ownership experience and expands the number of miles a LEAF driver can go on power produced here in Georgia,” said Brendan Jones, Director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure Deployment for Nissan. “Nissan is investing to support charging both in the community and at the workplace for the thousands of LEAF owners in Atlanta.”

Atlanta is quickly becoming one of the fastest cities to adopt electric vehicle technology. Though only second in the nation to San Francisco, with several new Nissan LEAF charging stations, Atlanta is expected to become the newest hot spot for this kind of electric vehicle infrastructure.

The Glow in the Dark Nissan Leaf: You Can’t Miss it.

Remember Nissan’s self-cleaning paint? Now the automaker has come up with another type of paint that’s sure to turn heads: glow in the dark paint. Nissan is one of the first automakers to come up with a glow in the dark paint formula, and has put it to the test on a Nissan Leaf.

The glow in the dark Nissan Leaf was debuted in the United Kingdom, and unlike the smooth self-cleaning finish on the automaker’s last paint experiment, the glow in the dark paint offers a rough, sandpaper-like finish.

The paint was developed in collaboration with investor Hamish Scott, creator of Starpath. Starpath is a spray that can be applied to walking paths. It absorbs sunlight during the day, and glows in the dark, lighting up the path for hours. Other aftermarket companies have showed off similar glowing paint technology, but according to USA Today, Nissan’s glow in the dark paint boasts some unique attributes.

For one, the paint soaks up the sun’s rays all day, and then can glow for eight to ten hours once it gets dark. Additionally, Nissan says that the paint will last on a car for 25 years.

There are currently no plans for production, but here at Cronic Nissan, we have to admit, the glow in the dark paint is way-cool. Not only is the paint eye-catching, but it’s sure to keep your vehicle top-of-mind with other drivers. No way is anyone backing into a glow in the dark car.

Nissan LEAF Part of Vehicle-to-Grid Project with U.S. Air Force

Nissan is the global leader in electric vehicle sales, and with more than 147,000 Nissan LEAF vehicles on the road, Nissan is working on ways to make the LEAF even more versatile.

In a new vehicle-to-grid project, the United States Air Force and the California Energy Commission at the Los Angeles Air Force Base will use a fleet of 13 Nissan LEAFs to direct power to and from the electric grid as a way to lowering energy costs.

“Nissan is researching ways to integrate the all-electric LEAF into homes, buildings and power grids to unlock new value that could provide future benefits to customers, businesses and utility companies alike,” said Toby Perry, director of Marketing for Nissan LEAF, in a statement. “With projects such as the Los Angeles Air Force Base fleet, Nissan can gather valuable insights to ensure that our vehicles are ready when similar programs are deployed by utilities or other entities on a larger scale.”

This isn’t the first vehicle-to-grid program to use the LEAF. Nissan initiated the “LEAF to Home” system in Japan that allows LEAF owners to use the vehicle’s battery power during emergencies.

Stop by Cronic Nissan today and see how the all-electric Nissan LEAF can change your driving forever.

Nissan LEAF Shakes Tesla’s Model S Off the Tree in 2014

Model S

Nissan’s environmental pride and joy, the Nissan LEAF, has been receiving even more buzz than usual lately due to its latest accomplishment: outselling Tesla’s competing Model S. The Model S has been getting a ton of attention lately, but it seems it hasn’t been enough to take down the powerhouse that is the LEAF.

In September alone, the LEAF sold 2,881 cars, beating its sales from last year by 47%. In the first nine months of the year, it sold 22,000, putting it notably ahead of Tesla’s Model S, which is sitting in third place overall for the year so far with only 12,250 vehicles sold.  While the market is still small when it comes to electric cars, the difference is huge.

The Nissan LEAF’s a car with zero tailpipe emissions and yields an equivalent of 126 mpg in the city and 101 mpg on the highway in electric energy. Its average range is 84 miles with the current model, meaning it’s going to get you to work and home again without any concerns about recharging. It is equipped with a RearView Monitor to assist with parking, along with Hyundai’s many standard safety features. With LEAF, you’ve got a reliable little car bound to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cronic Nissan is ready to see the LEAF and the rest of Nissan’s line up continue its strong footing in the market. For more information on the LEAF and the rest of Nissan’s line-up, keep checking back with Cronic Nissan.

Meet Sparky: Nissan’s LEAF-Based Pickup

Nissan's LEAF-Based Pickup

An electric truck promises the combination of a truck’s utility, a car’s driving dynamics, and an electric vehicle’s efficiency. Other countries see many of these types of vehicles, but here in the U.S., they never stick around long.

Engineers at Nissan’s Technical Center in Arizona have created the company’s first LEAF-based pickup. That’s right, a little electric truck that can haul, carry, and move big loads. The employees at the test shop needed a way to easily transport materials and parts throughout the sprawling 3,050 acre tech center, and so, the LEAF-based pickup was born.

The design included the removal of the back half of the roof, removal of the back seats and hatchback, and sealing of the rear doors. A bed from the Nissan Frontier was dropped in, and narrowed and trimmed to fit. They then added three wooden slats on the floor to give in a retro look and a power drop rear window. The finished product, dubbed “Sparky,” looks almost production-ready.

“We tried to keep it a secret and be exciting for everybody. But we have visitors and they come and they see that truck and they go straight to ‘What is it?’ and they start looking at it, and it makes great conversation,” Nissan’s Roland Schellenberg said in a statement.

Don’t start drooling yet: While Nissan’s LEAF-based pickup is ridiculously cool, Nissan has no plans to make a production version. Drop by Cronic Nissan today to learn more about the Nissan LEAF and Frontier – which are still sold separately, of course.