Is It Necessary, Or Even Safe, To Warm Up Your Car During the Cold Months?

Now that the temperature is really starting to drop, it’s more tempting than ever to step outside a bit earlier than usual – just to “warm up” your car before it’s time to go.

But is idling your car until it’s warm worth the negative side effects? And is this even the best way to get your car warm on the inside?

In reality, vehicles are designed with cold temperatures in mind and do not need to be “warmed up.” In fact, actually driving your car will warm up the various components (such as your oil and engine) faster than idling would.

Plus, idling your car not only wastes gasoline – and therefore, money – but also, frequent, prolonged idling can damage the engine and its components, lead to failure of the catalytic converter, and contribute disproportionately to pollution.

As long as your car is less than 20 years old, it’s a safe bet that your engine, oil, etc. will only need about 30 seconds of “warming up,” and your vehicle’s interior will be cozy and snug faster than you would expect.

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