Nissan Hedges its Bets on Electric Plug-In Vehicles

Nissan is choosing its next moves very carefully. While many automakers are jumping on the fuel cell technology bandwagon, Nissan is treading lightly. Nissan vice chairman Toshiyuki Shiga has made one thing very clear: electric plug-in vehicles will continue to be the priority ahead of any hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles for the foreseeable future in Nissan’s advanced-powertrain plans.

While Nissan did sign an agreement early last year with Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler and Ford to work together to speed up fuel cell powertrain development, Shiga bluntly said that the automaker doesn’t have much interest in fuel cell technology. Automakers tend to agree that fuel cell technology has the capability of offering the best of all worlds: fuel efficiency, quick refill times, long range driving on a single tank, and zero emissions, but a critical roadblock remains – refueling stations and infrastructure.

Until the U.S. has an extensive network of hydrogen refueling stations, there is no hope in consumers investing in the costly technology. While this remains a long-term goal for automakers world-wide, reports that Nissan is sticking firmly to their more practical electric plug-in option for the time being.

Nissan’s commitment to plug-in vehicles shouldn’t come as much as a surprise, with their electric Leaf being sold in 40 countries, making it the best-selling battery-electric vehicle in the world.

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