Nissan Note Prototype is World’s First “Self-Cleaning” Car

Who loves washing their car—let me see your hands! Alright, weirdos, you can put your hands back down now. You also don’t really need to read this blog; this one is for the normal people—like us here at Cronic Nissan—who recognize that washing the car is an irritating, even if necessary, waste of time in our busy schedules. Have you ever just wished that your car could wash itself? (That’s alright; there’s no need to raise hands this time.) Well, if you have—and even if you haven’t—Nissan has the solution for you.

Introducing a prototype version of the Nissan Note—an all-new car slated for a European production run—equipped with a special “super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint” that works to make the car’s exterior impervious to water and oils. The technology, called Ultra-Ever Dry, has seen good results so far. Nissan is the first automaker to apply the technology to a vehicle, making the Note the world’s first self-cleaning car.

“The Nissan Note has been carefully engineered to take the stress out of customer driving, and Nissan’s engineers are constantly thinking of new ways to make families’ lives easier,” said Geraldine Ingham, Chief Marketing Manager for Nissan Note. “We are committed to addressing everyday problems our customers face and will always consider testing exciting, cutting edge technology like this incredible coating application.”

While there are no current plans to implement the new paint job into the real world of production vehicles, it’s fun to imagine a future where your car just refuses to get dirty—because, at least then, when we refuse to wash the car, it won’t really become an issue.

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